Finding The Right Bike For Your Ride

Updated: June 27, 2019 10:37 PM

If you have been itching to get out on the mountain biking trails this summer but you don't know where to start, finding the right bike for your needs is a good start. This week we caught up with Mick Dodds at Ski Hut to find out what bikes are best to ride on the trials, around town, and for the kids.


"With all these new trails in town, a lot of the kids are looking for mountain bikes, a lot of parents are looking for mountain bikes and even the ones who aren't necessarily going to go mountain biking a mountain bike is still usually the way they go because they are tougher than the non-mountain bike style," Dodds said.

And even when it comes to mountain bikes, Dodds says that not all bikes are created equal. "As far as off-road goes, these new bikes like this with the bigger tires are really popular. They really instill a lot of confidence in a young rider."

The bigger tires not only help children, but are also very popular among beginner adults. "Even a beginning adult rider, there is adult bikes that have the bigger tires too," Dodds said. "It really instills confidence and allows them to get after the off-roading a little easier."

He says there are other options for those who may not be looking to dig in the dirt as much but instead spend more time on a smooth commuter bike. "Here is one with more of a traditional width tire, which is going to be a little bit faster on the street especially if you keep the tires up a little bit higher on pressure."

Of course you can't forget about the kids need for speeding around on a bike. Even the little ones can get in on the fun without even worrying about the pedals on the Strider Bikes. "The little striders are for kids just shy of two years or so," Dodds said. "The seat is adjustable so it can go lower, but basically they just learn to balance much much faster with these and then they just have to learn to deal with pedals once they get there."

The strider bikes are designed without the pedals to help kids learn to balance and avoid the training wheels altogether. "What happens with training wheels is kids use them as a crutch," Dodds said. "They tend to ride sideways down the street and they are not really learning to balance. They are just learning to rely on the training wheel."

So whatever bike you choose for you and your kids, he says there is one thing to remember. "Kids will be kids, they'll build jumps, they'll ram into curbs, they'll will tip over in the driveway, they'll ghost ride them and that's it for the night, so parents tend to go for the tougher bikes."

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