Finding The Proper Fit For A Bike

Updated: July 19, 2019 02:13 PM

"The tough thing for a parent is getting a bike that the kid fits now, which they are going to be more confident on a bike that fits them now, the problem is that in a month or two they might be already too big for the bike," Mike Dodds, Sales Associate at Ski hut said. "There is always that balance about, do you buy it too big and they struggle a little bit, or do you buy the bike so it fits."


So how do you know when a bike is the right size for you? To find out what a proper fitting bike should look like, we asked Cory Oseland, Sales Associate at Ski Hut, and youth rider Brody Larson to show us some examples.

"This is a perfect example of a bike that is too small that maybe he is borrowing from his younger brother," Oseland said. "So you can kind of see that the handlebars are hitting him in the knees a little bit and maybe it's time to get a new bike so it works a little better on the trail so he doesn't hurt himself."

It's very clear that Brody has grown out of his bike and needs something bigger, but how big is too big?

"So if you look down at Brody's legs here, you can see his seat is at the lowest position here for this bike in order for him to get onto it. You can tell it is going to be hard for stability for him to actually ride a trail," Oseland said.

The trick to finding the right bike is to look for one that is not too big that still allows more confidence and control, but also big enough to give a little growing room. "Good example, he is balanced, he is between the wheels, he has decent leg extension and he has got a little bit of grow room too, and he can reach the brakes," Oseland said. "So all good things."

Now that we have figured out the right size bike for your ride, it's also important to remember the protective gear too.

"Oh definitely helmets right off the bat. Gloves are a good idea for kids," Dodds said. "I know most parents don't get gloves for the kids, but the first thing a kid does when they crash is they go like this and they end up with a whole bunch of gravel embedded in their hands, so gloves will prevent that from happening."

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