Duluthian offers bike injury as safety reminder

Brandon Weathers
Updated: July 10, 2020 08:56 AM

When dining in was no longer an option for Minnesotans this spring, Duluth restaurant owner Tom Hanson picked up a new hobby.


Hanson said, “I got a brand new bike, I've been going out with the guys. We’ve got some extra time, we’re looking at really spending it kind of working on our own health.”

But a recent injury has Tom rethinking his approach to the sport.

"I took quite a fall. It was probably a good 10 foot vault into a log," Tom said, pointing along the path where he fell, "You can see there's just a lot of adventure, a lot of twists and turns, but coming down through here, I basically hit a turn and couldn't readjust my balance."

The fall broke his clavicle, and yet, Tom counts himself lucky. He said, "I feel very fortunate that I didn't knock out my teeth, that I didn't break my neck."

Tom was on one of Mission Creek's green trails, the lowest difficulty level, when he ended up off course. But Tom learned that his case isn't entirely unique. "Really, the hospital reassured me they see biking accidents weekly, if not more often there," he said.

Tom's take away from the accident is to take it easy on new trails and go at his own pace. He said, "I'm gonna put my comfort level a notch or two down from the people that I go biking with, and I think they'll come to understand it."

Other Mission Creek riders are taking the same lesson from Tom's experience. Zach Rohweder said, "Maybe after seeing this, I'm gonna take it easy. Especially on trails I don't know, you know."

For Tom, it's a lesson he won't soon forget, with a titanium plate serving as a reminder. He said, "That'll be with me as my friend, and that will be riding on my shoulder, you know?"

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Brandon Weathers

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