Bike Report: Sunrise paddle & ride |

Bike Report: Sunrise paddle & ride

Brandon Weathers
Updated: August 06, 2021 07:41 AM
Created: June 17, 2021 10:33 AM

Lake Superior's stunning sunrises are worth an early start to the day. Every other Monday, you can find a group of paddlers taking in the view led by Ski Hut's Bobbie Larson.

Bobbie said, "I was going out myself and a lot of people who come in who want to paddle, they don't know where to go or they're not comfortable paddling in a lake. They're very intimidated by it, so I just started inviting people to come along with us and we just made it into a regular thing."

30 minutes before sunrise, the group gathers where Lester River spills into the Great Lake. After about an hour on the water, they head over to Lester Park to swap the paddles for the pedals.

"Since we were already up that early and it's right there literally across the street, my co-worker and I who ride were like, 'Hey, let's just bring our bikes and go for a ride afterwards," Bobbie said.

They ride up the Amity Trail and down the Lester River Trail. After close to an hour on the bike, Bobbie makes it to work by 8:30.

She said, "You can come either for the paddle, you can come for the ride, or you can come for both, so then it's something for everybody."

Anyone participating is asked to provide their own equipment, including a helmet for the ride and a life jacket for the sunrise paddle.

Wearing a life jacket doesn't ensure safety if it isn't worn properly. Bobbie says a lot of people new to paddling wear their life jacket too loose.

A simple test for proper fit is to have someone lift the shoulder straps of the life jacket. If they're able to easily pull the life jacket over your head, it needs to be tightened until the life jacket cannot be lifted higher than the chest.

Bobbie said, "When you start with this really tight, it might feel like you can't breathe, but when it gets wet, it's going to loosen up, so you want to think about that."

The bi-weekly sunrise paddle and ride is open to paddlers and mountain bikers of all levels.

"It's great to meet new people and it's a lot of fun to help them discover their own confidence through it," Bobbie said.

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