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Updated: September 17, 2019 05:50 PM

It is said to have started back in the Vikings Age, which is why it's usually referred to as Vikings Chess. It is called Kubb and the Capital of this game in North America happens to be in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.


Although the name may look like it's pronounced like the local grocery store, the game is actually said like 'koob.' Kubb is Swedish for 'wood.'

It is a lawn game and the objective is straight forward. You knock down the wooden blocks called kubbs on the opposing side.

"You've got five blocks of wood called kubbs that are lined up on both sides of the pitch and you're throwing sticks called batons at all five of those kubbs," says Erik Linge, co-founder of the Lake Superior Kubb Club.

As kubbs get knocked down, they form a kind of road block that makes every round more challenging.

Because we knocked two of them down, before they get to turn around and start throwing at their base, they have to throw those two past the king on our side of the pitch.

The strategy behind the game and the simplicity behind each throw is what got Erik and Shane Linge hooked. After attending a Minnesota Renaissance Festival in Ely, they decided the Twin Ports needed a league of its own.

"When we got done with that tournament, we looked for the next one and found that they were in Eau Claire, Pennsylvania, the Minneapolis-St. Paul area, and realized we either have to move or bring it to this area," says Shane Linge.

Which is why they started the Lake Superior Kubb Club back in May, to build kubb in the community. By recently starting up leagues and by hosting a kubb in the park 'Learn to Play' event every Thursday in the Twin Ports, they're hoping others come knocking.

"I like the comradery and just the social aspect of it. Meeting people knew people. You can have a beer or favorite drink while playing because it only takes one hand to throw it, kind of like horseshoes."

For more details about the Lake Superior Kubb Club, click here.



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