Up North: Northlanders Face the Flurries, Find Fun in Snowmageddon 2019

Updated: December 04, 2019 10:39 PM

"We’re going for a ski because we can’t go anywhere in our cars because they’re buried," explained Duluth resident Rana Kraftson.


Many in the Twin Ports can relate. When Snowmageddon 2019 hit over the weekend it hit hard. Travel was not advised and cars were buried under the of snow. Instead of participating in the great Duluth dig out, Kraftson and her friends skied on the roads.

"It's super awesome. The roads are like perfectly packed to go skiing, and down by the lake it was kind of scary all the waves are like flying off on the shore," added Kraftson.

"Mostly smooth sailing, but on the way up it’s a little bit harder," said Emma Stertz. "We had to find some packed roads so that we could get up the hill."

They weren’t the only ones using the feet of white fluffy stuff that acted as road blocks for recreational purposes.

"It’s not here all the time and I’ve never seen anything like this," said Michael Peterson who was snowboarding. "You got to take advantage of it before it all melts," he added.

Peterson and Jason Anderson said they had to revert back to the basics. Businesses had to close because employees couldn’t get to work, which meant grabbing their board and finding the nearest hill to take a run.

"I was planning on going to Spirit Mountain, but they unfortunately closed today," added Anderson.

Kids were spoiled with snow days. With no school for a couple of days they spent hours on their sleds.

"We've been here for like an hour. It took us like 30 minutes to get up the hill," said eighth grader Leila Hoeschen-Ehrbright.

For those attempting to return to civilization it's been a long and frustrating process at times getting the roads cleared, but when there's 20 inches of snow, some take full advantage and find the fun in the fact that the Northland hasn’t seem a storm like this since 2007.

"We haven’t had a huge snow storm in a long time and we live really close so it’ just kind of a fun thing to do," added Hoeschen-Ehrbright.

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