Round out the Roundabouts

Why Roundabouts? Well for starters, they are safer for pedestrians, you only have to look one way at a time. Now, compare that to a traditional intersection where you cross two lanes at a time, which creates a false sense of security.

St. Louis County and the city of Duluth are planning to install a roundabout to aid with transportation flow and safety.

The intersection currently is an all-way stop controlled intersection that has been experiencing significant delay during the A.M. and P.M. peak times. In 2018, St. Louis County, alongside Duluth, completed an intersection control evaluation to identify possible improvements to ease issues.

The Snively Road/Jean Duluth Road and Glenwood Street intersection fits the criteria to consider a roundabout due to the need for increased safety, improved traffic flow experience, and pedestrian safety.
Here are some examples of how roundabouts can improve roadways.

First, due to the reduction of vehicle speeds in and around the intersection, roundabouts can improve pedestrian crossing opportunities. The splitter island refuge area provides the ability for pedestrians to focus on one traffic stream at a time while crossing.

Second, the pedestrian crossing area is pulled back from the vehicle yield area, which allows the driver to focus on the pedestrian prior to the requirement to yield to other vehicles.

Lastly, roundabouts can better accommodate U-turn’s better than standard intersections.

St. Louis County received federal funds for the project and the roundabout will be constructed beginning Spring of 2022. Look for daily updates as it is still under construction.