Tech Bytes

A new type of Lego's are coming out.

Tech Bytes: New Legos, Time on Instagram

Tech Bytes: YouTube Music, Microsoft Secrecy

Tech Bytes: Galaxy S9 Colors, Yanny or Laurel?

Tech Bytes: Amazon Expanding, Fujifilm Instax Camera

Tech Bytes: NES Re-release, Robot Dog for Sale

Tech Bytes: Sears/Amazon Partnership, JetBlue Pie Glitch

Tech Bytes: Google Reservation Robot, Flying Uber Vehicles

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Tech Bytes: Uber Flights?, Flying Pizza

Tech Bytes: Facebook Poll, Musk Candy

Tech Bytes: Twitter Password Change, YouTube Viewership

Tech Bytes: Cambridge Analytica Bankrupt, Drone World Record

Tech Bytes: Facebook Secuity Features, New Dating Service

Tech Bytes: Wireless Carrier Merger, Apple VR


Tech Bytes: Gmail Upgrades, Kid-friendly Amazon Devices

Tech Bytes: Yahoo Fine, Spotify Redesigned

Tech Bytes: Spotify Event, Amazon Robots

Tech Bytes: Verizon, AT&T Under Investigation

Tech Bytes: Netflix Theaters?, Cheaper Apple Phone
Tech Bytes: Amazon Prime Success, New Partnership
Tech Bytes: Illegal Data Tracking, High-tech Lenses
Tech Bytes: Netflix Stock Increase, New Sega Systems
Tech Bytes: NASA's New Satellite, IRS2Go
Tech Bytes: Gmail's New Look, HomePod Sales Down
Tech Bytes: Uber Expanding, Apple Paying "Patent Troll"
Tech Bytes: Mega-merger Take Two, Digital License Plates

Tech Bytes: Apple & Clean Energy, Black Panther Release Date

Tech Bytes: Mac Pro Delay, Supersonic Plane

Tech Bytes: Delta Breach, Curved iPhone?

Tech Bytes: Panera Data Breach, ESPN+

Tech Bytes: Russian Facebook Accounts Removed, Spotify Public Trading

Tech Bytes: More Facebook Changes, Amazon's Competition

Tech Bytes: Boeing Ransomware Attack, Amazon Stock Falls

Tech Bytes: New iPad, Matchmaking App

Tech Bytes: New Apple Products, First Snapchat Experience

Tech Bytes: New Apple Phone, Emojis

Tech Bytes: Walmart 'Smart Shopping,' Instagram Changes

Tech Bytes: YouTube Subscriber Push, World's Smallest Computer

Tech Bytes: Orbitz Data Breach, Amazon Moving Up

Tech Bytes: Amazon 'Grab and Go,' Macys Self-serve

Tech Bytes: 'Love' in Court, Apple Screens

False Claim about Starbucks Coupon
Bumble Bee CEO Indicted on Charge He Fixed Canned Tuna Price
Politicians Respond to Calls for Improved School Safety
Local Parents Advocating for School Safety Improvements Part 2
Darwin Man Killed After Vehicle Strikes Farm Implement
Dayton, GOP At Still Odds As Session Set To Conclude
A-List Celebrities Attend Royal Wedding

George and Amal Clooney were among the guests at the royal wedding.

Replay: The Royal Wedding of Prince Harry to Meghan Markle

Royal Wedding: Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

False Claim about Starbucks Coupon

Starbucks is not celebrating its 50th anniversary by giving each person who takes an online survey a $50 coupon.

Royal Wedding: Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

Royal Wedding: Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

In 'Solo,' A Battle for the Soul of 'Star Wars'

In 'Solo,' A Battle for the Soul of 'Star Wars'

Hamilton Cast Performs for George H.W. Bush In His Office

President George H.W. Bush, seen in 1990, received a special performance of the musical Hamilton.

Memorabilia from Prince, Bob Dylan, More Go to Auction

These shoes are among the items due to be auctioned.

Unreleased Prince Music To Be Streamed On Tidal In 2019

An unreleased Prince album will be released on streaming service Tidal in 2019.

'Avengers' Overpowers 'Breaking In,' 'Life of the Party'

'Avengers' Overpowers 'Breaking In,' 'Life of the Party'

Superior 4th Graders Sing About Husky Evacuation

Lila Graves and Kate Christner perform the song they wrote about the Husky evacuation.