Hunting is More Than Recreation, Provides Food and Business to Northlanders

Chelsie Brown
Updated: November 21, 2019 10:53 PM

November is always a busy month for Randy Bowe who owns Bowe Taxidermy in Duluth, Minn. That's because working in the Twin Ports he sees customers from both sides of the border.


"It's gone anywhere from where I'm handling 100 deer in the month of November, dropping down to 20's 30's 40's sometimes," said Bowe.

With over 35 years of experience, Bowe mostly handles mature bucks. He specializes in the process of freeze-drying where he can transform a hunter's animal into one of his award winning mounts.

"Well when an animal comes in, it usually has to be skinned and prepared properly so it doesn't spoil. Then, the hide gets shipped to a tannery where it's tanned. Once the hide comes back, they're mounted to end up looking like this," Bowe said pointing to a deer mount in his shop.

Preserving and mounting an animal's body is one way to hold onto a memory for a hunter. For others, it's their way of life.

"I can't imagine this area without hunting," said Joe Csomos. Hunting provides a lot of families food on the table. There is even a donation program that a lot of people get in on where they will shoot a deer and then bring it in and we donate it back to the local food shelves.

Csomos works for Hursh Meat Processing out of Poplar, Wis. The family-run business specializes in processing and has been in business since 1998.

"We've done anywhere from 600 to over 1600 animals, but that was also including bear, elk, moose in a season. We do process quite a lot of the area and out of the areas animals," added Csomos.

Csomos shared a taste of what his processing company can do by providing samples at the recent Hunter's Expo in Poplar. Beyond providing a tasty product, he says the key to a successful processing business is built on relationships.

"We have people that have been coming back for over ten years as repeat customers," added Csomos.


Chelsie Brown

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