Pursuit to Play: Will Van Scoy's return to the court

Chelsie Brown
Updated: September 15, 2020 10:58 PM

Duluth East junior Will Van Scoy has found a new appreciation for being able to shoot a basketball at the court near Stowe Elementary.


"When I was in like my crutches and I was just sitting at home and doing nothing at all, I was like, 'I would just die just to like just dribble or shoot a basketball right now.' Now that I can, it's giving me some hope," said Van Scoy.

That's because his summer hoops season was cut short.

"I always felt myself bracing you know for disaster to happen. Even though I felt like I did that pretty well, when I got that text message from his dad, my heart sank," explained Duluth East basketball head coach Rhett McDonald.

"I tore my ACL," said Van Scoy. "I was playing basketball down in the Cities for an AAU tournament and I went up for a layup and things did not going the right way."

Van Scoy underwent surgery in August and will miss an entire high school year of athletic activity. Instead of playing soccer this fall, he's serving as a team manager.

"It sucks because I haven't really played high school soccer since my eighth grade year and this was the one year I was going to come back," he explained.

He'll also have to sit the bench this basketball season.

"We've already learned that we really can't fill that spot, we just can't. Will did a lot of things that went unnoticed," said McDonald. "Whether it's what he does in the locker room, Will had this way about going about his business that impacted everyone," he added.

Chatting with him, you wouldn't think Will has a worry in the world.

"Will is a different breed a person. He is special. He's the most positive guy that you might ever meet. Given his certain situation, I've not talked to him where he hasn't cracked a joke or smiled and it makes you as his coach feel a lot better knowing that he's in a good spot mentally," said McDonald.

Knowing his work ethic before this season ending injury, he says he'll be ready to bounce back stronger than ever as a senior.

"Will's work will pay dividends. I'm telling you, he might be the hardest worker that I've ever coached," said McDonald. "He's the kid that's going to get up in the morning and get his reps in. He's the kid that's going to stay longer and get his reps in.

Not even a virus could stand in Will's way.

"It better go away, because I'm trying to play," said Van Scoy.


Chelsie Brown

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