Vikes QB Cousins Discusses New Offense, Desire For Breakout Season

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Created: June 12, 2019 06:53 PM

Kirk Cousins dipped into some introspection in his only press conference during the Vikings three-day minicamp session this week. He discussed the changes in the Vikings new offense, looking back at the growth in his first year with the team and where he'd like to take his game - and his team - in the new season.

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Click the video box on this page to watch Kirk Cousins' full press conference after Wednesday's minicamp session at the TCO Center in Eagan

"I think the next level really is all about winning," Cousins said. "I’m pretty much a .500 quarterback in my career so far, and I don’t think that’s where you want to be. That’s not why you’re brought in or people are excited about you. If I don’t play well, if I don’t have gaudy statistics but we win multiple playoff games this year, the narrative will be I went to the next level."

"I may not walk off the field every day feeling like I did, but if we win, that’s the life of the quarterback, is you are then at the next level."

"If I have my best year yet in 2019 but we’re eight and eight, I didn’t go to the next level. That’s the reality of it, and I’m going to do all that I can, control what I can control. I think one thing that I can do beyond just playing the best I can is to start really coaching and leading other people so that I can never walk off the field saying, ‘Hey, I did my part but so and so didn’t.’ That’s can’t happen as an NFL quarterback, you have to be bringing others along so that isn’t a point you’re making at the end of a practice or a game. That’s really what it’s all about."

Cousins also compared and contrasted the Vikings offensive system in his first season with the team last year to what the new staff is installing for the coming year.

"Technically, is it the same system, yes," Cousins explained. "Is the philosophy still the same thing? I don’t know. It still looks kind of different to me. There’s changes, there’s similarities. I’ll put it this way, I couldn’t just go out to practice without looking at the play book without looking at notes. I wouldn’t have been able to do much. It’s new enough that I’ve got to go over things and make sure that I understand it in terms of the route depths, the snap counts and the concepts because it is different."

The Vikings close minicamp on Thursday and adjourn until training camp begins in late July.


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