Hunters Set Sights on Successful Opener

Chelsie Brown
Updated: November 07, 2019 10:51 PM

A cold snap in early November triggers some of the best deer activity of the season. Duluth native Randall Lamere is one of many hunters in the Northland gearing up for another hunting season just as he has for decades.


"Well I'm 65 now, I started when I was 18," Lamere explained about hunting.

As a seasoned pro, he knows there's certain measures to take before heading out into the woods.

"Checking my gun before I go hunting," Lamere explained he was doing before heading out for the opener.

Lamere was specifically sighting his deer rifle. The United Northern Sportsmen Conservation Club allowed hunters to test out their rifle sight at the shooting range. The purpose for taking their gun to the range is to make sure it's good to go for the opener.

Volunteer range officer Lance Parthe showed me just how hunters adjust their scope. By lining up the cross hairs at a target at least 100 yards out, hunters want to make sure that the cross hairs match where the bullet impacts the target. So that when they shoot, they make sure that the bullet hits in the exact same spot every time.

"The trick to shooting is you don't think about pulling the trigger, you don't think about aiming the gun," explained Parthe. "You just line that up and you stare at your target and you put pressure on the trigger as long as the target. As long as the target's there, you keep the pressure on and the bullet leaves and it goes right where it's supposed to go."

During these open sessions, the range officers make sure everyone is safely prepping for the opener and growing a love for the outdoors.

"Places like this need to exist and if people don't participate they'll go away," added Parthe.


Chelsie Brown

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