Mayoral Candidate David Nolle Discusses Plans to Help Duluth Grow

Alejandra Palacios
Updated: November 01, 2019 05:06 PM

With Election Day coming up Tuesday, Duluth residents will vote for a mayor to lead the city for the next four years.


Mayor Emily Larson is wrapping up her first term. She's being challenged by David Nolle, who said he wants to grow Duluth with fresh ideas. He wants to focus on creating more jobs and improve the business climate here in Duluth.

"I come markedly as an outsider, someone that brings fresh leadership and a fresh set of eyes,” said Nolle.

It’s Nolle’s first run for political office since coming to Duluth in 2010 to serve as executive director of the Boy Scouts of America. He served 42,000 square miles across northern Minnesota, Wisconsin, and some of the Upper Peninsula in Michigan. 

He said this allowed him to meet people and learn about the issues affecting the city.

“Duluth needs to grow again. It's not just growth in population, it’s not just growth in tax base, but Duluth needs to grow in countless ways. Population growth will be a good indicator of that,” said Nolle.

Nolle said he wants to help people by giving them the tools to address issues like the opioid epidemic and homelessness.

He wants to make sure the taxes community members pay go to fixing residential roads.

“I am somebody that's going to jump in there, roll up my sleeves, work with the experts in all the fields to address what the underlying problems are so that we can continue to make progress in our community,” said Nolle.

Nolle said he wants to get rid of the rules that get in the way of the business community creating new well-paying jobs and building new homes in Duluth. He is well aware these issues won't be an easy fix. 

"We have to address whatever the underlying root causes are even if that means that it's uncomfortable. Sometimes we might have to raise the heat a little bit, have some serious conversations, realize that it's not something that's going to be fixed in one new cycle," said Nolle.

He hopes addressing these issues now, will make Duluth the place people want to call "home" for many years to come.

“I’m a dad, a family man that wants to make Duluth a better place for everyone here, but of course, most importantly, for my children and for their peers and for all the young people who are from Duluth today,” said Nolle.

To learn more about Nolle, click here.

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Alejandra Palacios

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