Trump, Jr. rallies Republicans in northeastern Minnesota

Baihly Warfield
Updated: September 09, 2020 10:56 PM

Another stop in the Northland is reinforcing the Trump campaign's focus on flipping Minnesota red. 


Donald Trump, Jr. spoke to a crowd of 206 people in Duluth Wednesday afternoon, according to DECC staff. Minnesota's maximum capacity is 250, and with the media and staff present, 206 supporters were allowed into the Harborside Ballroom. 

The smaller crowd meant there could be some back-and-forth between the president's son and the president's supporters. 

"USA!" someone in the crowd shouted at one point during the speech. "Thank you for saying 'USA,'" Trump, Jr. responded. "It's sort of nice when you can say that in America still, right?" 

Attendees were temperature checked when they came in, and chairs were set up spaced 6 feet apart. 

Much of Trump's speech was spent railing on Joe Biden and the Democrats. He called Biden "camouflage for the radical left," and a "D.C. swamp creature."

"Donald Trump is the guy to get us out of this mess. Donald Trump built the strongest economy our country has ever known." Trump, Jr. said. "He's the guy that can do it again. Not the guy that's been there for 47 years." 

He said even if people don't like the way his father says things, they can appreciate that he tells the truth. 

"You guys are the frontlines. You guys are why my father did this," he told the crowd. "Like you, he didn't need to do it. He didn't need to be here. He didn't need to step up. But like a good American, when you see incompetence, when you see failure for years and years, you start throwing stones. But eventually you've got to actually man up. Can I still say that today?"

He also called out a group of steelworkers, asking what they thought of their union throwing support behind Biden. 

"The unions of steelworkers are going to support Joe Biden and spend their union dues supporting a campaign and a man who has probably single-handedly done more damage to manufacturing jobs than any other human being in American history," Trump, Jr. claimed.

Janet Lynn of Roseville made the trip to Duluth Wednesday morning. 

"I got laid off Aug. 6 from my employer, and I've been applying for jobs and going on interviews, and I had the opportunity to come up here and support him. I'm going to support Lara tomorrow in Minneapolis," Lynn said. 

Trump, Jr. hinted at a Wisconsin visit soon. 


Baihly Warfield

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