UMD Prepares Students for Winter with Free Warm Clothes

Emily Ness
Updated: October 10, 2019 10:42 PM

Along with the expenses of college, come the expenses of gas, groceries and other necessities. With winter ramping up, students are tasked with finding affordable winter clothing. This is something the University of Minnesota Duluth hopes to aid with.


“We started a winter pop-up free store last year for our very cold weather,” Jonna Korpi, Office of Sustainability Student Activities Coordinator and free pop-up store organizer said.

The purpose of the store, which is a part of the college's annual Sustainability Fair, is to give all students a chance to stock up on items to stay warm.

"Students can shop and grab jackets, sweaters, flannels, boots, we even have some warm comforters, hats, gloves, things like that,” Korpi said.

All of the items at the pop-up store were donated by students, faculty and staff at UMD.

"The generosity of the community on campus and you know, from faculty and staff is just amazing. They're beautiful items that are coming through the doors and anybody would be thankful to get one of these things for free,” Korpi said.

Students who participated in the pop-up shop were given the opportunity to take up to three items. Some stuck to sweaters and jackets, while others grabbed a variety of things.

Korpi says that the pop-up shop hopes to serve 200-300 students throughout the day. 

In addition to providing students with the means to stay warm, the Sustainability Fair hoped to provide students with knowledge about overall sustainability in terms of thrifting, recycling, growing one's own food and more.

“I think students have a sustainability ethic,” Korpi said. “They want to, you know, reduce their impact on the planet. They’re asking for these things when they come to UMD and so it’s easy for them to engage on these topics, but then also learn more and go deeper, so it’s not just about recycling and composting, it’s about thrift shopping and reuse in other ways in their lives.”

With the pop-up store recycling clothing, many students will have had a visisble impact on the planet that can be seen and appreciated by their peers.


Emily Ness

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