This Is What Brave Is: Art collection and song bring hope and help |

This Is What Brave Is: Art collection and song bring hope and help

There are 24 piece in the Bailey Builds There are 24 piece in the Bailey Builds "This Is What Brave Is" collection. |  Photo: Bailey Builds

Baihly Warfield
Updated: December 17, 2020 10:52 PM
Created: December 15, 2020 08:38 PM

When Anna Bailey looks at her best friend Kelly, she sees bravery. 

Kelly's experience over the past decade inspired Anna to write a song and create an art collection. Both are called "This Is What Brave Is." 

On a snowy Sunday evening, the two women sat down to sing the song together and prepare to launch the art collection, which will raise money for Safe Haven's Resource Center. 

"In the watches of the night, when all is still and quiet, she remembers where she's been," Anna sang. "After years of his abuse, he was left with no excuse, so she took the kids and ran." 

Singing those lyrics to her friend was surreal, she said. Kelly fled a domestic violence situation with her kids more than eight years ago. Anna wrote the song six years ago, in the midst of dozens of court hearings.

Both are so thankful for Safe Haven's influence through it all. 

"Safe Haven was there for me," Kelly said. "They're there for the acute moments when you really need that emergency assistance, but they're also there years down the road helping you kind of rebuild your life." 

They were advocates as she navigated an unfamiliar legal and social services system. And their experience let Anna just be a friend. 

"They showed up each and every time we needed them," Anna said. "As a best friend, knowing that I could just really trust them with what was best in the legal realm was just so -- it was just so wonderful." 

Kelly went from being displaced into temporary housing into public housing and now, a home. 

"I'm really proud and thankful for where my kids and I are today, but it didn't happen on my own," she said. "I needed all that support for that to happen."

Safe Haven's help was a guiding light.

"All women or families that walk in that door, it's not the end of the road. It's the beginning of a new road," Kelly said. 

"Their purpose is to empower so that she can be where she is now on her own with her awesome, loving, adorable children that have just been transformed," Anna said. 

Anna is the artist behind Bailey Builds, a reclaimed wood art business. Her "This Is What Brave Is" collection includes 24 pieces. They hope when it goes on sale on Saturday, Dec. 19, it will help raise several thousand dollars for the Safe Haven Resource Center, which offers legal guidance, education, employment help and fun for women and kids. 

But most of all, they hope the art and the song send a message to anyone who needs to hear it. 

"It's possible to live after," Kelly said. "You're worth something more than that." 


Baihly Warfield

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