City Celebrates Opening of Superior Street

Updated: November 15, 2019 10:41 PM

Superior Street is open for traffic again. The city of Duluth and its partners in the project celebrated the moment on Friday.


Businesses are happy their clients can drive right up to the door. Especially as we approach the holiday season.

"We are breathing a collective sigh of relief today," said Kristi Stokes, president of the Greater Downtown Council.

Mike Smisek, of Sek Design, said, "It feels very good. Weird to see cars driving in front of our office again. I welcome the energy they bring, and the people walking around. It's really nice." His office is right near the corner of Lake Avenue.

Further east, at Hucklebeary, Carli Dudzick said ,"On the daily, someone asks when is it going to be over. And now, finally, we can show them the answer."

The city said it was especially challenging, weather wise, with precipitation falling on 129 days out of the 213 of the project.

Northland Constructors was a partner in the project. Their new president, Greg Fredlund, said, "I've been able to see the pride in this project." He thanked the trades for their work.

While the road was being built, something else grew too. A stronger sense of community within businesses in the HART district. Sara Rolfson, business director at Zeitgeist, said, "The businesses came together like never before. We built eachother up, and supported eachother, when we needed eachother the most."

Phase 3 will begin in the spring. There will be a public meeting for Phase 3 Superior Street Reconstruction on Tuesday, November 19, from 9:00 a.m. – 10:30 a.m. at the Holiday Inn in the Lake Erie/Ontario room. 

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