St. Luke's & Trends Salon Give Children the Gift of Hair

Emily Ness
Updated: November 17, 2019 10:54 PM

There are many ways to give. Some, are more personal than others. On Sunday, 17 St. Luke’s employees along with their families and friends donated eight inches of hair or more to children in need.


"St. Luke’s has partnered up with Trends Salon here in Superior and we are cutting hair to donate to Children with Hair Loss,” Katy Johnson, Clinic Manager at Mariner Medical Clinic said.

Through Children with Hair Loss, a child is able to get one free wig per year until they are 21-years-old.

“I think it’s important that we as employees of St. Luke’s kind of live our mission of being compassionate, empathetic individuals and this is just one more way that we can demonstrate that by giving hair,” Stacy Annear, Clinic Manager of the St. Luke’s Regional Cancer Center said.

According to Annear, this is St. Luke’s third year offering the event. She says that it has grown steadily in participants over time.

“We had about six and then maybe eight or ten and now we have seventeen so this is really exciting for us,” Annear said.

St. Luke’s employees said that the impact of donating hair to a child in need is tremendous. For some, that impact hit close to home.

“In 2015, my sister was diagnosed with lung cancer—stage four and so she went through chemo treatments, radiation. She lost all of her hair and St. Luke’s actually donated a wig for her to wear that looked just like her normal hair so when I saw this come up, I figured it was an opportunity for me to give back for giving to her,” Chasity Point, Patient Billing Specialist at St. Luke’s said.

Point said that it filled her sister’s heart with joy to receive something that many take for granted, donated to her.

“She was ecstatic because it was just like her own hair and so many people thought that it was,” Point said.

Two other sisters too, donated their hair. For three and four-year-old Faye and Colbie DeMeyer, it was their very first haircut.

"I’ll give my hair to somebody who has no hair,” Faye DeMeyer said.

Both she and her sister Colbie were very excited.

“I think it starts at a young age to make sure that they understand giving is very important and it doesn’t have to cost anything, but sometimes your efforts in what you showcase in who you are and your beliefs and what you find important starts at a very early age, event three or four here,” Johnson said.

The program aims to help as many children as possible feel beautiful and loved.

“It’s a great feeling for me—especially around the holidays, like what better thing to have you know, than hair to look pretty in that photo or in a video or you know, at school,” Point said.

That feeling could be felt throughout Trends Day Salon & Spa, which St. Lukes hopes will expand to more salons in the future. In the mean time, if others are interested in donating to Children with Hair Loss, they can do so here.


Emily Ness

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