St. Louis County Working to Keep Up with Snow

Emily Ness
Updated: December 11, 2019 09:40 PM

Blankets of snow cover the Northland, and as plows work to fold them up, more is on its way.


“I can’t believe the snowbanks and just the different turns and the hills—those sorts of things. I can’t imagine the enormous task it has to be to get rid of that snow so there’s someplace to put the next one and the ice especially is bad up here,” Joe McCracken of Hayward said.

In this frigid cold, people can get frost bite in seconds, but many have places to be that require them to be on the roads.

“Oh, they’re unbelievably slippery. You know, it’s like, I’ve seen so many accidents. I’ve pulled people out of the ditch. You know, it’s been quite the process. I mean it’s kept me going quite a bit. I’ve been home to sleep and eat and that’s about it,” Dylan Skalkl of Duluth said.

Many of these accidents are caused by a mixture of large snowbanks and ice.

“It happened the first night when it snowed. It got icy, I got cut off and took the guard rail out rather than the vehicle next to me,” Skalkl said of his smashed truck.

To combat this, the county will be hauling snow away in some areas.

“Down around Highway Four, between 53 and Arrowhead Road, a little bit on Haines Road, down around the mall area. There are some places there where it just makes sense to haul it away," Gordy Halverson, Highway Division Superintendent for the 5th District said.

County crews are also putting down sand in addition to salt.

“Once that ice is bonded to the blacktop, it’s extremely difficult to get off. We’ve been working at it and doing what we can. It’s better if you can get to it before it freezes, but with the freezing rain we had there in the middle of the night, it bonded so tight that all of the agencies are having a hard time dealing with it,” Halverson said.

But the county says that compared to the first storm, the snow Wednesday night should be easy to deal with.

“Crews doing really well. We had a really good bunch of operators and mechanics. Very dedicated. They all take pride in their job. They do the best that they possibly can with any given circumstances,” Halverson said. 


Emily Ness

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