Special Snocross Visit: Behind the Scenes of Racing

Emily Ness
Updated: November 21, 2019 06:19 PM

The race to the finish line is one that is exhilarating and fast paced for snowmobile racers. And, it is one that requires a culmination of science, math and technology. This is something that the Amsoil U.S. Air Force Snocross team aims to share with students across the country. On Thursday, they visited Two Harbors High School where students were given a behind the scenes look at the latest and greatest in racing.


“Well today is like the coolest day at Two Harbors High School cause Steve Shuering brought his Amsoil race team here,” Mike Fitzpatrick, Metal Shop Instructor said. “They just love seeing the snowmobiles and the race truck and everything—we’re just fortunate to get him to come here.”

Since the days of recording race times with a watch and analyzing terrain conditions with solely the eyes of the driver, technology has evolved to allow racers to customize and perfect their craft. This is something that Steve Schuering, owner of the Amsoil/Airforce Snocross team gave an interactive presentation on. The presentation included a video, which can be found here.

“I talk about technology and making good choices, how our systems operate in a racing environment where we’re racing against the best in the world every single weekend,” Schuering said.

Through built in computers and cameras within vehicles, the Snocross team can plan for different tracks and conditions. The science, math and technology that go into these calculations are essential for racers who compete against the best in the world and exciting for eager students.

“We do between 16 and 20 schools per year all over you know, New York, Minnesota, Michigan, Wisconsin, wherever the races are, we’ll try to key in to some technology classes. Everybody knows how technology driven everything is and we really want to make a positive impact whether it’s one student or one hundred,” Schuering said.

In addition to the presentation, students were able to meet with drivers and mechanics who answered questions about racing.

"Being that I don’t know a lot about snowmobiles, it’s easier for me to talk about them when questions come up and stuff from the club,” Jake Vankekerix, senior and Head of Gear Head Club said.

A $200 scholarship was awarded to Two Harbor High School’s metal shop by the team to continue their ongoing efforts to inspire students.

“We did this when I was still going here and I remember vividly when these guys came out, it was a pretty exciting time for everybody and we are very fortunate to have them continue to come out and be part of this—part of our shop and allow these kids to be able to see some of this really cool stuff that they normally wouldn’t be able to see unless it was brought to us,” Ben Hudson, Alumni and Student Teacher said.

Schuering says that schools who are interested in having the Snocross team visit them in the future should contact their local air force recruiter, who is in charge of coordinating visits.

The team's first races of the year take place in less than two weeks at Spirit Mountain.


Emily Ness

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