Prosecutor Clears Officers in Ashland Shooting

Updated: August 30, 2019 10:52 PM

A prosecutor has cleared three officers who were involved in a fatal shooting in Ashland earlier this year.


Thirty-three-year-old Joseph Tedrick was fatally shot during an attempted arrest by the U.S. Marshal Service on 4th Avenue West on May 22. He had a federal warrant for the attempted homicide of a law enforcement officer in Oregon from 2018.

 According to a report released Friday, "Tedrick was observed arming himself with an AR-15 rifle" when officers arrived on scene.

The Ashland County District Attorney released video of the scene and audio of the 911 call and the interview with one of the marshal's involved in the shooting, Deputy U.S. Marshal Emily Krueger. She explained the criminal history she knew of Tedrick and provided further details on the shooting in Ashland that led to Tedrick's death.

"We have a history that this is what he does. He shoots and drives erratically to get his way out of a situation he's encountered with law enforcement," Krueger said in a interview with the Wisconsin DCI. "I would say this guy ranked right at the top as one of the worst of the worst that we had received background on."

Krueger has been with the U.S. Marshal Service since 2003. When asked why Tedrick was on the marshal's radar, she said violent fugitive warrants are the type of warrants they deal with. She added they offer assistance to any state or local agency that has a violent offender that they need to apprehend. Oregon law enforcement had asked for their help in arresting him.

She said she feared for her safety during the shooting incident in Ashland.

"When the car first started driving at me, I could see him in it and see him with the rifle barrel and looking like he manipulated to get it forward facing me," said Krueger.

The report said Tedrick got into a vehicle and rammed it into a U.S. Marshal Service vehicle, pushing it out of the way and driving his vehicle toward officers who were stationed in a backyard.  Deputy U.S. Marshal Emily Krueger, Supervisory Deputy U.S. Marshal Jeremy Loesch, and U.S. Marshal Service Task Force Officer Alex Jaeger fired their weapons, according to the report.

The preliminary report from an autopsy found that Tedrick received three gunshot wounds to his upper left chest/arm area and one gunshot wound to his left thigh.  The report says damaged to his left lung and spinal column resulted in his death.

Ashland County District Attorney David Meany said in a letter Friday that his review found no evidence of a crime being committed in Ashland County in relation to this incident.

"The use of deadly force by the law enforcement officers who fired their weapons...was justified under the circumstances, Meany wrote.

The report says no civilians witnessed the actual incident but some heard the gunshots, and some civilians took photos and recorded video after the shooting.

In the interview with the DCI, Krueger talked about Tedrick's violent history, which dates back to 2008. Krueger said Tedrick was in jail for 10 years due to an incident where he shot at people when he got angry over a basketball game with friends.

Krueger said he was released in 2018. Shortly after, he attempted shooting at a female officer in Portland, Oregon. Krueger said before the officer could get out of her car, he started shooting at her. Tedrick lit his car on fire and fled the area.

A month after the incident with the Oregon officer, he led police on a high speed chase with his child in the back of the car. He left the child in the car and tried swimming across a river to escape police.

Krueger added that Tedrick's girlfriend had acquired the purchase of a rifle for him. Krueger told investigators in the interview that Tedrick and his girlfriend left their children and moved to the Ashland area. It was believed they moved in fall of 2018.

While in Ashland, police were called to Tedrick's home after someone called the police saying he was attacking his girlfriend. Tedrick provided a false name at the time and the police dint not run his name in the system. 

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