Police using power of social media to spread positive messages

Updated: May 15, 2020 07:02 PM

Police officers are known for serving and protecting. And now, in the Northland, for posting!


Detective Marc Letendre, a member of the Superior Police Department, made his national debut on Friday. He was featured in a segment on ABC's Pandemic show: What You Need to Know.

He's been posting messages on the Superior Police Department's Facebook page, reflecting on the changes that everyone is experiencing because of the pandemic.

"As the public information officer for the department, one of the things that inspired me to write these posts, is to stay in contact with the community," he shared. "I began to craft messages that added an element of positive perspective and optimism, which is what all of us share and believe at the department."

Sometimes he uses music or sports or science, as themes to share his thoughts. 

Another officer who's used to posting is Investigator Ron Tinsley, from the Duluth Police Department. For about five years now, he's been posting a photo each day on the department's Facebook page. 

He sees it as a way to brighten someone's day. "Just opening our page, and when you first go there, one morning photo, and a 'Good morning.' I wish people well. Especially now, with all this negative stuff going on," Tinsley explained.

He usually includes the temperature. "The joke is, weather man Tinsley," he said. And a simple message, like 'Stay safe.'

People have reached out from all over the world, thankful for the posts. "Some don't live here anymore, and like to stay connected with the city they love," he added.

He figures he's only missed a few days in the past few years, getting inspiration from different areas of town he patrols.

Both men are using the power of social media to provide some positive vibes. "In this moment, you can decide am I going to be part of the solution? Or contribute to the problem. Mindfulness is not a single event. It is a state of mind," shared Letendre.

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