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A Snowed In Sunday for Northlanders

Throughout the day Sunday, people worked to dig their cars out and clear their steps and sidewalks. Throughout the day Sunday, people worked to dig their cars out and clear their steps and sidewalks.  | 

Emily Ness
Updated: December 01, 2019 06:22 PM

As far as the eye can see, snow covers the city of Duluth, as well as, most of the Northland.

“Snow apocalypse 2019—we survived the night, um I actually went snowboarding down all of 10th and all the way down to 1st West,” Lucas Anderson of Duluth said. “I love to get out and use these hills for urban snowboarding when we have these huge blizzards.”

Throughout the day Sunday, people worked to dig their cars out and clear their steps and sidewalks.

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen this much snow. We just moved here from Arizona,” Paula Buchanan of Duluth said. “We love it. Yeah, we do. We love getting out, clearing the sidewalks, the driveways and being a part of the community when everyone’s out here.”

On Sunday afternoon, the City of Duluth announced that alternate side of the street parking would remain in effect as snowplows continued their efforts to clear the roads.

“If you live on a street that has not been plowed yet, we will not be ticketing your car—mostly because if your street hasn't been plowed yet and you can't move your car, we're not able to get to your car to ticket it. If you do live on a street that has been plowed and you haven't moved your car, you are eligible to be able to get a ticket,” Kate Van Daele, Public Information Officer for the City of Duluth said.

The city understands it is difficult for some to move their cars, but necessary for emergency vehicles to get to and from destinations. For the most part, Northlanders were positive and understanding as they worked together to dig themselves out.

“When it snows, it just brings a lot of beauty to the Northland and I wasn't expecting this much snow, but we're just going to have fun with it,” Laura Sellner of Duluth said.

Shawn Frost of Duluth too, worked to make the best of the day.

“It's my 32nd Birthday today so shoveling—love that, yeah we'll make the best of it. We'll make some hot cocoa when we get in and call it a day,” Frost said.

Through the aftermath of the storm, the city is continuing to work hard alongside Northlanders.

“This was a huge snow event--this wasn't a normal Duluth storm. It was the 9th largest two-day storm in our history—again, I'll just say in our history. So, we've had plows be out for anywhere from 12 to 16 hours consecutively doing the very best that they can to plow as many streets as they're able to," Van Daele said. "And they need to take a break so that they're plowing safely. They'll be back on at 2:00am this coming morning and be able to hit the roads again with the effort to get into residential areas and all we are doing is making the area continually safe for our residents and for our visitors."


Emily Ness

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