Last Week Before Grandma's Marathon for Runners

Alejandra Palacios
Updated: June 16, 2019 10:34 PM

Grandma's Marathon is right around the corner. This is the last week participants prepare for the big day.


Months of training go into preparing for race day so taking it a little easier on the last week before the marathon is what experts say is key to be in the best shape and avoiding injury.

"You don't want to do anything new come race day because that might just throw everything off. One of the things that's probably more important than stretching or is just as important is just getting a good warm up,” Stephanie Gogolin, an athletic trainer for Essentia Health, said.

"Not high mileage not a lot of intense workouts just trying to stay healthy and not do anything silly because this is when people are trying to cram in their training at the last minute and that's not really a good plan,” Jarrow Wahman, A Grandma's Marathon runner, said.

Duluthian Jarrow Wahman is running his 23rd Grandma's Marathon. He has plenty of experience and starts his big training period in April.

"We call it tapering, we’ve been running our long runs, we’ve been doing our high miles up to a few weeks ago and now the last few weeks you run less and less and you take more days off so that you’re completely rested," Wahman said.

Wahman makes sure to stick to a less intense routine on the last weeks leading up to the race.

"My coach will have me go out and do some stride outs but it’s not very intense because the training has already been done and just trying to stay healthy and eat and sleep,” Wahman said.

Gogolin recommends dynamic stretching like lunges to help loosen muscles.

"Definitely do some static stretching, hamstrings, quads, IT band, groin stretches. It’s going to depend on each athlete,” Gogolin said.

And after finishing the race, recovering from the long run is very important.

"I have this program I’ve been developing over the years where I get done, get something to eat and drink, and I walk about two in a half miles,” Wahman said.

"Keep those muscles moving until your heart rate comes back down. Your blood is going to pool to your legs and you'll get lightheaded and feel like you're going to pass out or faint so trying to get that blood circulating and getting your heart rate back down to normal is very important,” Gogolin said.

The big goal at the end of the day is to have fun on race day and take in the moment. Wahman said he gets excited to do the race every year. 

"Just try to absorb the atmosphere. It is special I look forward to it even though I’m not racing it so much anymore I’m still trying to finish with honor and have a good experience,” Wahman said.

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Alejandra Palacios

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