Lake Country Power linemen save a woman from a water-filled ditch |

Lake Country Power linemen save a woman from a water-filled ditch

Updated: November 12, 2021 06:26 PM
Created: November 12, 2021 07:45 AM

On Thursday, a group of linemen had been coming back from lunch, and ended up saving a life.

According to Tami Zaun, Public Relations Coordinator for LCP, the four noticed a car that had rolled into a ditch off Highway 37 near Cherry. The Toyota Camry was submerged in waist deep water.

So they pulled over and rushed right in to help.

Inside the vehicle, in shock, was Demi Hartl. "The front of my car was completely submerged. I unbuckled my seatbelt and climbed into the back seat. I could only see one or two inches out of the window. The rest was covered with brown water."

She looked for something to break the window. "I started panicking, and felt hopeless," she shared.

That's when she saw the faces of the linemen. "They lifted one side of the car, and then Tim punched the window a few times and couldn't break it. He ran to his truck and got something metal and threw it through the window and pulled me out. I've never clung to someone like that in my life," Demi recalled.

She called her husband, who rushed to the scene. "We have two kids at home, and those guys made sure their mom came home. They are angels, they are heroes," Tristan told us.

Zaun said the guys don't want any recognition. But she was willing to share some, on behalf of the co-op. "We are proud of our line crews. They are humble and kind and they have courage and strength. They are first responders in our communities and will take time to help in serious situations."

The linemen go through continuous safety training, as part of their jobs.

Demi said she's doing OK, and was going to see a chiropractor. Her husband hopes to buy the crew lunch sometime. The couple is in the process of moving back to the Range from North Dakota. 

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