Festival of Sail: Focus on Entertainers

Updated: August 13, 2019 10:39 PM

While Mama Duck couldn't be inflated because of the wind on Tuesday, there were plenty of other attractions at the Festival of Sail on its final day.


Captain Jack Sparrow was on hand, of course. "It's been incredible! Perfect weather for a pirate, love it," he shared. 

But so was Captain Mark and his pirate bride. "Have fun with the kids. That's what it's all about. Family fun and tall ships!" Captain Mark told us. "I've always been attracted to sailing. I love the festival, love Duluth. My father was born here. Anything we can do to promote and help."

We also met a mermaid! "I actually swam here from Milwaukee. It was a chilly swim," Ginger Whimsy told us. "I love what I do, though. Duluth has been wonderful."

She posed for pictures. But some people think she's a statue! "They're quite shocked, actually, when I start moving and talking," she laughed.

And then there's the family of characters. Scurvy, Rose, and Captain Leo-Knight-Us Kid! "It's fun to feel part of that time period," Scurvy said. "We go up to the people waiting in lines, and play a little game of hangman with them on the chalkboard here. Common phrases, that originated on board a ship during the age of sail."

Captain Jack has his eyes on the tall ships, of course. "A pirate never plunders and tells. But I've seen a couple that strike my fancy."

And before they all sailed or swam away, a word of gratitude. "I just want to thank everyone in Duluth. So kind, loving, open, and gracious. Plus the food's good here too," Captain Mark added, with one final, "Arrrrrr...."

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