Chisholm man charged for 1986 murder of Nancy Daugherty

Updated: July 30, 2020 06:37 PM

A Chisholm man now faces second degree murder for a crime he allegedly committed at 17-years-old.


Michael Allan Carbo, Jr., 52, was arrested on Wednesday. The break in the 1986 murder of Nancy Daugherty of Chisholm came from genealogy DNA.

The criminal complaint said the suspect went to school with Daugherty's children. At the time of the crime, he lived less than a mile from the scene.

Chisholm Police Chief Vern Manner said a few months ago, he decided to pursue genetic geneaology.

DNA was collected at the scene. Some of that DNA was used by Parabon Nanolabs and they notified law enforcement that the Carbo was found to be associated with the genetic lineage of the unknown suspect.

On Thursday last week, authorities watched Carbo throw away some garbage. They then collected it, and found items that could be tested.

Then, the lab confirmed it was a match. On Wednesday this week, they collected a sample from Carbo himself, and it also matched.

Court records show his bail was set at $1 million dollars. His next court hearing is August 6th.

Manner said in an email, "Whenever we have a breakthrough in a case as old as this, it certainly renews faith that all cases are solvable."

Another high profile case in Chisholm is the disappearance of Leanna Warner, from June 2003.

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