Catalyst Content Festival Kicks Off in Duluth

Updated: October 10, 2019 07:29 AM

The Catalyst Content Festival officially kicked off Wednesday in Duluth. The five day independent TV festival is bringing creators and producers from all over the country to Duluth.


Throughout the week, there will be events at the NorShor Theatre, Zeitgeist and Fitgers. The anticipation has been building ever since it was first announced Duluth would be holding the festival.

For months, many have been waiting for the lights to shine bright on Duluth with the Catalyst Content Festival. 

"It brings in people from all over the country. Executives and creators and producers and agents and they get to just see the natural beauty of Duluth, and just fall in love with it," said Lance Karasti, Zeitgeist Venue Manager.

And now it's finally here.

"I have been hearing little murmurings about this coming to Duluth, and I am so, so excited that it's here," said Chris Parr, one of the Catalyst Content creators.

Throughout the week, creators and producers will engage in screenings of shows made by the creators, and participate in different workshops.

"Television is a relationship based business," said Philip Gilpin Jr., Catalyst Executive Director. "When you all come together in Duluth for five days, everybody can relax, talk to each other, make relationships, make these new connections," he added.

And for some the hope is those connections will lead to new opportunities.

"There are a whole bunch of agents here. I would love for one of those agents to say, 'you are talented. I would like to help you get a job,' " said Ben Kawaller, one of the Catalyst Content creators.

But for others it's about learning how the industry works.

"Some production company right here in Minnesota, Committee Films said we want to do a reality show on your family, and so I said, 'well wait, I don't know anything about reality shows,' "said Sheletta Brundidge, one of the Catalyst participants.

So now Brundidge says Catalyst will help her family as they prepare to make this commitment.

"I want to get this information, I want to get this content, I want to take it home, and share with my husband, so we can make the best choices for our family with regard to this reality television show," said Brundidge.

The festival will go until Sunday, and the hope is after it, Minnesota will become a destination for filmmakers.

"We're hoping that a lot of people want to make the shows that they're seeing here in Minnesota. That is the goal," said Karasti.

Annie Harala, Northland Constructors Public Information Coordinator, says they are working with Catalyst closely to maintain access to all venues and help people find their way around with the Superior Street Reconstruction project ongoing. Harala says Northland Constructors has added and widened walkways, provided space for decorations, and added additional signage.

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