Thousands of Socks Donated to Duluth Salvation Army

Created: December 10, 2019 05:48 PM

The Duluth Salvation Army received donations from a fundraiser put on ahead of the holiday season by the Fond-du-Luth Casino.


This was part of the casino's annual sock drive, where if visitors donate at least three new pairs of socks once a day, they get $5 of club cash in return. Thousands of pairs have already been donated, but they still have a goal of reaching 10,000 pairs. 

"Sock are one of the things that people don't really think to donate," said Tina Nordin, Marketing Manager of Fond-du-Luth Casino. "You wear out a pair of socks and you just toss them in the trash. But people in need, need those things. Everybody just needs to be warm, especially in the area we live in. And keeping your feet warm is very important."

Along with socks, the casino donated over $1,174 to the Salvation Army as part of their Make it a Point to Give program. That program has casino visitors choose charities the casino highlights that will match their earned points and turn them into dollars to be donated. 

And while this helps with the Salvation Army's seasonal goals, they still need help from the community before their toy distribution next week.

"I will say that we need a lot more toys before then. We're a little down from where we were last year at this point. So if you're out shopping for toys, there are about 100 collection sites around town at various businesses or you could feel free to drop them down here at the Salvation Army."

About 1,000 families are expected to come to the Salvation Army next week to pick up both socks and toys for the holiday season. The army's gym is being converted into a toy shop where parents can choose toys for their children thanks to the help of community donations.

The Fond-du-Luth Casino will continue accepting sock donations with their program through December 15th. And the Salvation Army will continue accepting toy donations by December 13th, but they'd prefer to have them by this Friday so they can organize them in their toy shop.

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