Beargrease Musher Encounters Two Bull Moose

Baihly Warfield
Updated: January 29, 2020 06:52 PM

While running a dog team 295 miles through the northern Minnesota woods, there are bound to be some surprises. 


Beargrease musher Colleen Wallin and her team experienced a slightly scary one Tuesday morning. 

She was on the trail between the Skyport and Mineral Center checkpoints when her dog team suddenly picked up speed. Then she saw something massive moving in the woods. 

“Out from the snowbank, I see two bull moose. And they still had their racks," Wallin said. "They were so huge.”

She said the moose were about 50 yards out, galloping down the trail. They eventually stopped and ambled into the woods. She said the snow was up to their shoulders. 

"The biggest fear for mushers, really, it’s not wolves, it’s not anything. It’s moose because they don’t want to give up the trail. They’ll kick and they’ll buck and they’ll snort because they don’t want to go in the deep snow. That’s where the predators are," Wallin explained. 

She was thankful these two just watched her team go by. 

"I just looked in the woods, and they were looking at me and I was looking at them, and I thought, wow, what a moment. What an amazing moment. It was amazing. My heart was racing.”


Baihly Warfield

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