Officials Present Possible Solutions for Bayfront Traffic Congestion

Ryan Juntti
Updated: May 23, 2019 01:00 AM

Nicer weather is hopefully right around the corner, and soon Bayfront Festival Park and Canal Park will be packed. This, however, also presents problems for traffic flow in that area. 

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On Wednesday night officials discussed how to better improve traffic flow in those areas with a public meeting held at the DECC. 

The Metropolitan Interstate Council (MIC), a division of Arrowhead Regional Development Commission (ARDC), and Alliant Engineering. Inc. have been leading a planning endeavor to improve the parking, traffic and wayfinding experiences during medium and large-scale events at the Bayfront/DECC/Canal Park area.

The subject of the meeting was a 153 page report outlining potential changes to the Bayfront and Canal Park areas.    

Some of the potential changes outlined in an executive summary of the report include:

  • Reduce processing time at parking entrances by using multiple entrance lanes and payment points.
  • Utilize apps to share information on events and parking availability; collaborate with Park Duluth app.
  • Install traffic signs to split Bayfront Park and DECC traffic, utilize Harbor Drive, alternative/multiple parking entrance, and slip ramp.

The report was generated both to develop short-term solutions for the traffic conditions in the Bayfront/DECC/Canal Park area, but also to identify and plan for long-term infrastructure needs as well.


Ryan Juntti

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