Cat with Firecrackers Strapped to Paw has Leg Amputated

Cat with Firecrackers Strapped to Paw has Leg Amputated Photo: Humane Animal Rescue, Pittsburgh

Created: July 17, 2019 02:17 PM

PITTSBURGH (AP) - An animal rescue group in Pittsburgh says someone strapped firecrackers to a cat's front left paw with rubber bands and set them off, causing such severe injuries the animal's leg had to be amputated.
Humane Animal Rescue says on its Facebook page that two good Samaritans brought the cat in over the weekend after finding it limping around on the mangled, bloody leg.
Based on how the wound had begun healing, officials at the rescue say the injury likely happened on the Fourth of July.  According to their Facebook page, the medical team decided that the best course of action was to amputate the leg in its entirety, due to the extent of the injury and infection.

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Jamie Wilson of the rescue group says there was barely any paw left, and veterinarians decided to remove the damaged leg.
The cat, who staffers have named Pickles, is on the mend and will be up for adoption soon.

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