Sunshine and therapy goats for Essentia staff

In Otter News: Goat Therapy

Celebrating Therapy Animal Day

Goats have lived alongside humans for years. While they’re not as common as dogs or cats, their temperament is similar.

It’s why goat therapy works, and the employees of Essentia’s Miller Dwan were all smiles today.

Essentia recruited Duluth Goat Yoga to make this experience possible.

Traci Marciniak, the president of the Miller Dwan Foundation, says Essentia is a longtime believer in animal therapy, “Just the smiles on their faces and their giggles. There is people in there- you know people that you see in a professional setting all the time- and all of a sudden they’re on their hands and knees playing with a baby goat, laughing and having a good time.”

And as we ease out of difficult times during the pandemic, healthcare professionals can most definitely use a lift.