Minnesota is on track for normal fall color season

Fall begins September 22nd and some of the leaves are starting to turn. Val Cervenka puts together the fall color predictions for Minnesota DNR using data from state’s climatology website. She says we’re on track for a normal year.

This September we can expect elevated temperatures and rainfall. While that’s good for trees it might not be good for their leaves. “We are going to cross our fingers for a lot of sunshine and cool but not freezing nights,” Val tell us.

However, it’s a welcome change from last year’s drought conditions which put the trees under stress. “The first thing to change if a tree is under stress is the leaves.” This causes to them change and fall earlier, preparing the tree for winter.

“We are seemingly on track for a normal fall color season which is one track for brilliant yellows and spectacular reds,” Val tells us and says we should consider taking the road less travelled to see these colors. The explore Minnesota tourism website has what’s called their rainbow routes.