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Duluth public safety offers fireworks safety

Kenny Johnson
Created: June 24, 2021 06:53 PM

With the 4th of July fast approaching its always good to remind ourselves how to stay safe with fireworks and the city of Duluth is trying to make sure everyone stays safe this independence day.

The basic thing to remember, all fireworks are dangerous and that they can sometimes get out of control.

The city of Duluth has seen an increase of firework complaints since 2019 and this year they are expecting the same. Next Sunday marks the first Independence Day celebration since the vaccination roll out, meaning more people are gathering together to celebrate. And officials are taking note of that.

Public information officer Kate Van Daele says “this year the difference in enforcement will be different. It definitely impacts both our fire and police departments when we get those calls.”

And with Wisconsin right across the border from Minnesota anyone from the land of 10,000 lakes should take note of the consequences of purchasing illegal fireworks and lighting them in the city.

Deputy Police Chief Steve Stracek says, “possession of them in your vehicle, you could be subject to a misdemeanor violation which in Minnesota means your subject up to over $1,000 dollar fine and up to 90 days in jail.”   

While there are legal fireworks available to use in Minnesota there is also has to take into consideration the risk of hurting someone.

Deputy Chief of Safety Jon Otis wants people to remember is that “fireworks burn at 1,200 degrees and that can cause an instant 3rd degree burn, if it is stepped on, if it’s held too long, or if someone got a spark in their eye. That could be a life changing injury.”

The best way to enjoy a spectacular Fourth of July fireworks display is to leave it to the experts. And you can watch the fireworks at Bayfront Festival Park from 10:10-11:00pm.


Kenny Johnson

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