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GMN Birthdays

GMN Birthdays: 6/24/22 - 6/26/22
GMN Birthdays: 6/22/22
GMN Birthdays: 6/17/22
GMN Birthdays: 6/15/22

The GMN Birthday Club is a great way to wish a Happy Birthday to a family member or friend!

Wish someone you care about a Happy Birthday, LIVE during Good Morning Northland, weekdays at roughly 6:25 AM!

Send a picture at least two weeks in advance to:

GMN Birthday Club
P.O. Box 16897
Duluth, MN 55816

or email your birthday wish to birthdays@wdio.com

Don't forget to include the birth date, age, hometown and a brief message. Birthday greetings are created on Thursdays, WDIO is not responsible for late, or missed birthdays.

If you are mailing a photo, please include a self-addressed stamped envelope so we can return your picture to you.

Good Morning Northland would like to wish you or someone you know a Happy Birthday, LIVE during Good Morning Northland, weekdays at roughly 6:25 AM!

Have a Happy Birthday with Good Morning Northland!

WDIO-TV makes no assurance that your birthday message will air during Good Morning Northland and reserves the right to accept or reject all submissions.
GMN Birthdays: 6/13/22 - 6/14/22
GMN Birthdays: 6/10/22-6/12/22
GMN Birthdays: 6/8/22
GMN Birthdays: 6/6/22
GMN Birthdays: 6/3/22 - 6/5/22
Birthdays: 5/31/22
GMN Birthdays: 5/27/22 - 5/29/22
GMN Birthdays: 5/26/22
GMN Birthdays: 5/24/22
GMN Birthdays: 5/20/22 - 5/22/22
GMN Birthdays: 5/13/22
GMN Birthdays: 5/13/22 - 5/15/22
GMN Birthdays: 5/12/22
GMN Birthdays: 5/11/22
GMN Birthdays: 5/6/2022 - 5/8/2022
GMN Birthday: 5/5/2022

An energetic sweetie looking for a loving home

Our pet of the week is a 2 year old pup named Fannie.

Senior Salute Yearbook 2022

WDIO would like to congratulate the Graduating Class of 2022 on a job well done!  We asked viewers to submit a photo of their graduating senior or classmate for the WDIO Senior Salute Yearbook.

Local collaboration is sweet

The Mega Malt became available on Monday, June 13th for a limited time this summer at the Bridgeman’s Restaurant in Duluth.

An in depth conversation with Gov. Tim Walz

On Friday, WDIO’s Mariam Mackar spoke to Governor Tim Walz for an in depth conversation with a number of topics and hot button issues.

Park Point rummage sale begins Friday

The 2022 Park Point Rummage kicks off Friday and continues on Saturday and will feature over four miles and 125 yards of bargains.

A one year old pup who loves to exercise

Our pet of the week's name is a 1 year old pup named Charlie and he's looking for a loving home to call his own!

Political commentator and columnist Mark Shields dies at 85

McCartney marks 80th birthday with Springsteen, 60,000 pals

Vince McMahon will step down during WWE misconduct probe

Northland speed puzzlers headed to World Championship

Beyoncé announces new album 'Renaissance' to drop July 29

WNBA star Griner's Russia detention extended for third time