Trees of Hope and MOCA: Sherrill’s Story

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Sherrill McDonald just celebrated a birthday. The Duluth woman is grateful for each one, since she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2015.

We first interviewed her in 2016. Fast forward to 2022, she is feeling good and happy with how MOCA has helped her along the way.

MOCA is the Minnesota Ovarian Cancer Alliance. The non-profit raises money for critical research, and supports survivors like Sherrill. There are support groups, events like Light Duluth Teal, and more.

McDonald shared her story at the beginning of her journey. And now, continues to advocate for women’s health. “I had symptoms like bloating. Don’t let a doctor just tell you that you have IBS. Three weeks later, I was in the hospital with ovarian cancer,” she recalled.

Cancer runs in her family. But genetic testing is helping inform her loved ones about the risks.

“If you do the genetic testing, you could see, oh gosh, there’s a chance I’m going to have ovarian cancer. And you can be proactive and take care of things,” she told us. That could include surgery or other preventative measures.

Join us for our Trees of Hope phone bank to support MOCA on Tuesday, the 29th, at 5, 6, and 10pm.

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Symptoms of ovarian cancer can include: 1) Bloating 2) Pelvic or abdominal pain 3) Difficulty eating or feeling full quickly 4) Urinary symptoms

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