Off-street parking rates increase in Duluth

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Off-street parking, parking ramps, and many other areas in Duluth will have higher parking rates in 2023. The Duluth Parking Commission held their monthly meeting and approved the proposal to raise parking rates. The reason as to why off-street parking rates increased, is because the city is looking to raise their revenue.

Some of the off-street parking areas impacted include the Civil Service parking lot, the Tech Village parking lot, etc. The Duluth Parking Commission decided the monthly parking rates to increase by $10-$15. Many off-street parking lots now will cost between $85 to even $100 for monthly parking. Also the hourly rates of public parking lots will be increasing by a couple of dollars.

While, off-street parking ramps rates are increasing, parking meters’ costs are staying the same at $0.25 for ten minutes. However, there are plenty of off-street parking available in Duluth without needing to pay for parking.

Duluth’s Project Services Manager, Mark Bauer of Duluth Parking Services, explained even neighbors can help one another out with parking. “Maybe somebody has a large amount of off street parking available and a neighbor can plow that out and offer their their neighbors the opportunity to use those spaces. We’ve seen that work.” Bauer said.

Although, parking rates are rising, there are resources to find affordable and even free parking in Duluth. There are free off-street parking options found on Duluth’s public parking map. Also there Duluth Parking Services recommend using the Duluth Parking app to help with pay for parking this winter season. However, when using the Duluth Parking app there is an additional $0.20 charge for the convenience.

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