Making the most out of the warm days of fall

With Tuesday’s warm weather and temperatures up in the 70’s, folks took advantage of some of the last remaining moments of fall before the cold creeps in.

Many walked the Lake Walk in Duluth or even set out to look at the gorgeous fall colors before they pass their peak.

“I should be at home cleaning my yard, but I’d rather do this”, says Phyllis Burger. Her and her Husband Ron both traveled up to Minneapolis to enjoy the views of Lake Superior.

Some people strapped on their helmets and took a ride on their bikes like Bill and Cindy Ortman. “We typically take this ride in the summer and it was such a beautiful day today so we’d thought we’d give it one last shot”, says Bill. The two of them were visiting from Two Harbors.

But even with winter on the way, many seem to be unbothered.

“Winter is okay”, says Dave Sapletal, “I snowmobile, I ice fish, I’m a hunter, we enjoy the snow.”

“Well we’ve lived here for so long. we get it you just embrace everyday and we like winter too it’s just wonderful”, says Cindy Ortman.

But ones thing is for sure, the beautiful weather really amplified the North Shore. Cindy says, “No matter where we go, if [people] know where we are from they go ‘oh we love the north shore.’ So it’s like yeah of course, it’s beautiful.”