LOVE THAT BINGO! Lincoln Park Edition

During harsh economic times like this, community support is key. And finding fun innovative ways to bolster small business is vital. Ecolibrium3, a nonprofit in Duluth, has crafted a fun bingo game to get some support for the Lincoln Park Craft District. From February 1 through Valentine’s Day, you can visit participating Lincoln Park businesses to play LOVE THAT BINGO! For your chance to win prizes. Collect enough stamps to earn a BINGO, and you could win one of six prize packs from those selected businesses. And no purchase is necessary at the selected businesses.

“You need to get four stamps, either in a row or column or a diagonal or the corners. And then once you get those four stamps collected, you can turn them in to any of the businesses and then we will collect all those pick winners and then give them their prize packs for whichever one they want,” says Lena Nguyen, of Transportation and Main Street AmeriCorps VISTA at Eco3.

The program is specifically focused on the Lincoln Park neighborhood. Helping revitalizing businesses there is something special to the local owners and employees.

“So actually I just looked at the envelope today of the finished bingo cards that we’ve been collecting. And I was pretty surprised. There’s a big handful of cards already finished in there and there’s still another week to go. So yeah, it’s been great,” says Amanda Agamaite, Manager at Ursa Minor Brewing.

During times like this, community support of small local businesses is vital.

“People are really excited about being able to support all these businesses. And I think the businesses as well appreciate that we get to support the district and promote them as well. Also the wider community has been sharing all of our posts as well, which has been really cool, so everyone’s just really excited about it,” finishes Nguyen.

To find out more information about the LOVE THAT BINGO! Click here: Love in Lincoln Park (