Happy Halloween from 8th Street

Happy Halloween from Eighth Street

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Hundreds of kids and families flock to 8th Street in West Duluth in hopes of filling up their bags with candy. I found out tonight that this is a hot spot for trick-or-treaters every year.

While out walking we spoke to many people about their experience on 8th, both residents and returning trick-or-treaters. “I grew up two blocks away and I know that hundreds of kids come through here each year,” said Heather Thiel.

Community is key for the people who live on 8th, many of the people keep it a yearly tradition. “I love Halloween, and we’ve been doing this for three years now. We just keep adding to it every year.” said residents Loren Thibert and Sam Zimmerman.

Last year Thibert says they had around 400 kids stop by their house. “Our neighbor Jim counts the trick-or-treaters each year.” When we stopped back later in the night, Zimmerman told us this year was crawling with kids. “It’s usually pretty busy but this is chaotic.”

Mojo Dojo Casa House

Local news, sports, weather presented by the WDIO News Team

Moving down the street a bit, down to Alex Jost’s house we saw Ken’s Mojo Dojo Casa House. Each year people donate candy to this house because of the decorations put up. This year’s theme was Barbie. “We got around $500 in candy donations this year because people on surrounding streets just don’t get the trick-or-treaters like we do.”

Overall, if you haven’t checked out 8th street on Halloween you’ll have to wait until next year. I will say, it’s well worth the wait.