Duluth student thanks teachers with treats

Fourth grade student Amelia Hanson at North Star Academy in Duluth, said it was last year when she first came up with the idea to thank her teachers for all the hard work she saw them doing in classroom.

Today Hanson spent the day personally delivering treats to the room of every teacher in the building with the help of friend Abby Sheppard.

“I think the teachers really like it, and enjoy it,” said Hanson.

With help from her mom, Hanson recorded a video asking for donations to provide her teachers with what she calls a Happy Cart, a cart filled with cold drinks, snacks and other treats.

“I just think they really deserve it because they work so hard to make our school days fun,” said Hanson.

This year was the second year Hanson collected donations to provide a Happy Cart for her teachers, and she said she has plans to continue the tradition next year.