Superior School District extends efforts to provide students with meals

Emily Ness
Updated: January 13, 2021 08:27 PM
Created: January 13, 2021 04:37 PM

After the pandemic prevented students from attending school in-person, the USDA pushed school districts to continue providing them with meals each day.

Here in the Northland, the Superior School District is extending their efforts to provide those meals by adding an extra day of the week to their curbside pick-up and mobile meal route efforts.

Previously, families could pick meals up from the school or at various locations along the mobile meal route on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. But now, families will be able to do so on Wednesday too.

Jamie Wilson, Director of Food Service said they were moved to add the additional day to continue meeting the needs of their students.

“The family needs the help, the kids need the meals. Even if it’s not the family who financially needs the meals, I think they need the break of not having to cook the three meals,” Wilson said.

Wilson went on to say that program has provided students the opportunity to have positive social interaction with familiar faces.

“What we’ve found out in our schools is that the kids really like to see the staff that serves them lunch on a regular basis,” Wilson said.

Betty Nordrum, Head Cook echoed this sentiment—saying that she enjoys seeing students and their families too.

“This program is wonderful,” Nordrum said. “The curbside people that come—we’ve gotten to know them as a team. They’ve gotten to know us and some of them are becoming like family.”

Meals are free and encompass many familiar favorites from when students were in school, like spaghetti and tacos in a bag.

“What we heard our students wanting out there was the same food they saw in school each day and that was important to this team here at our high school,” Wilson said.

Each day, Wilson said they distribute roughly 3,000 meals. He hopes the extra day will help them distribute even more.

“We’re trying to reach kids wherever they are at,” Wilson said.

Times and locations of where families can pick meals up can be found here.


Emily Ness

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