Grocery prices spike due to supply chain issues |

Grocery prices spike due to supply chain issues

Kenny Johnson
Created: October 25, 2021 07:32 PM

Prices are still spiking for produce as supply chain issues continue to effect the Northland. Former owner of B&B John Lind says, "In the 33 years that I've been here it's been probably some of the highest prices I've seen in the meat industry."

B&B has seen these prices rise in their products, specifically in the meat department. And they says it’s due to the supply chain. "With the whole COVID thing and actually the transportation problems right now some of the stuff has really gone up”, John says. 

And with holidays coming up he says that unfortunately turkey prices are rising. Lind says, “I know turkeys, depending on where you get them right now you know they are anywhere from 50 to 60 cents per pound higher than last year.”

John also has tips for people buying turkeys this year. "You know if they got room in the freezer watch the ads you know if there's a good price out there take advantage of it ahead of time before thanksgiving”, he says. 

B&B is seeing very high prices for seafood right now too. Currently a lobster tail was selling for $46.99. Current owner Jake Richardson says, “About six months ago, everything was about $29.99 and we thought that was high. Our costs have doubled, you know what I mean?"

Not only are the higher prices inconvenient for the costumers but it's also hard for the business. Richardson says (in reference to the lobster tails),"You have to charge the [extra $6 dollars] just to cover the cost of everything, the process of wrapping it, paying everyone, and keeping lights on and everything it's just a crazy time." 

With the supply chain issues still going on, grocers are ready to for the unusual experiences ahead. Lind says, "You know it's a whole new thing that we've never had before and hopefully within the next year things will settle down and kind of get back to normal. [We’ll] continue to take care of our customers and appreciate our customers coming in taking care of us."


Kenny Johnson

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