Pay it Forward provides volunteer opportunities to assemble face shields |

Pay it Forward provides volunteer opportunities to assemble face shields

Emily Ness
Updated: May 28, 2020 10:56 PM

At the Heritage Center, a small factory has been built on the field. Here, face shields for front line workers are being assembled by the thousands. This is part of a month-long campaign put together by Ecolibrium3 and Frost River to Pay it Forward.

"We’re working with groups of community volunteers to assemble face shields,” Jodi Slick, CEO and founder of Ecolibrium3 said. "It really does take an entire community to protect people."

Through the program, groups of 30 to 35 volunteers work to assemble roughly 6,000 face shields in a four-hour period. The goal is to make a total of 360,000.

Organizers say the process of making the face shields is quite simple and takes less than a minute per shield. One group assembled 798 face shields in just 15 minutes on Thursday.

"I think its really important to help people at the hospitals. Nurses and doctors who have been working every day and I think its really important to help the community out,” Campeell David, volunteer said.

The goal is to provide local hospitals, nursing homes, dental offices and other businesses with face shields.

"You see the plexi-glass shields up hanging at all the cash registers but to be able to provide your staff—whether it be at a hardware store or an ice cream store or whatever it is, the shields really are another nice piece of personal protective equipment,” Christian Benson, owner of Frost River said.

The shields will start at $4.50 per shield or $1.50 if you are from the Northland and buying in bulk.

Organizers say they are still looking for volunteers to help out with future shield making sessions. Those who are interested can sign up here.

“What’s great is we have another 55 four-hour sessions to fill. We’re asking for groups or businesses that would like to put together a group of 30-35 volunteers to come in. We have everything from t-shirts and masks and a lot of fun ready for them,” Slick said.

During the four hour volunteer sessions, organizers say groups also have a chance to raise $1000 for a non-profit of their choice.


Emily Ness

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