Northlanders celebrate Thanksgiving at Bentleyville

Ryan Juntti
Updated: November 26, 2020 10:24 PM
Created: November 26, 2020 09:22 PM

In a year when everything is different, Northlanders still have Bentleyville to fall back on, and some even spent part of Thanksgiving there.

Bentleyville this year was switched from a walk through to a drive through experience, but some say it was just as good, if not better.

"Every year we come down here after Thanksgiving dinner and do Bentleyville, and so wanted to keep a little bit of tradition alive this year anyway," said Amy Bergstrom of Duluth.

This year the Bentleyville tradition looked a little different, but that didn't seem to bother those who drove through the iconic light display.

"I think it was really nice. It ran smoothly, and you just kind of moved along, and it was so beautiful," said Dawn LaPrairie of the Fond du Lac Reservation.

"It was excellent. I would recommend anybody coming down here to experience the lights. They did a fantastic job, and this is really a jewel in Duluth's crown," said Bergstrom.

"Personally I almost prefer it over the traditional way of doing it because I'm not cold, and it's all good," said Luke Petrich of Duluth. 

"I thought the drive through was awesome. We got a drive through at home in Brainerd, and we like doing that, so it's just nice to stay in the truck, and you can tune in the radio, and listen to the Christmas music and get in the spirit," said Ryan Larson of Pine River.

"To me, it doesn't seem any different. It would probably be pretty to walk through and do it but to me driving with kiddos, it's almost nicer to have it that way, so they don't get cold and wanna go home. You can actually enjoy it the whole time so it didn't bother me at all to drive through it versus walking," said Brandi Larson of Pine River.

Even though it operated differently, the lights shining bright still remained constant.

Eli Ray Larson of Pine River said it was one of the coolest things he's ever seen.

And on this Thanksgiving, it's a small reminder to cherish the little things in life.

"It was putting a little bit of normality if you will back into some holiday traditions," said Bergstrom.

"Normal routines are hard to come by these days with work and home life and things like that, and so even if we can't make it in here to drive by on some nights if it's too busy, just being able to see the lights is just a reminder that there's still good. There's good people, and there's hope for a better tomorrow," said Holly Petrich of Duluth. 

Bentleyville will run until December 27.

The hours are 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm Sunday-Thursday, and 5:00 pm to 10:00 pm Friday and Saturday.


Ryan Juntti

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