Northland schools share plans for prom and graduation

Alejandra Palacios
Updated: April 07, 2021 06:15 PM
Created: April 07, 2021 04:32 PM

For high school seniors, the impending spring season brings prom and graduation and Northland schools are finding ways to give students that opportunity to enjoy those milestone moments safely this year.

Last year COVID-19 shifted things and many events had to get canceled or go virtual but looking at this year, a little bit of normal has made its way back to schools.

Schools like Superior, Hermantown and Proctor are working hard to make prom and graduation happen.

Superior High School said they will have a prom on April 24 including a grand march for students to get professional photos taken with their fancy outfits as they walk on a nice stage. After, they will have a socially distanced dinner and talent show for students to enjoy at the high school.

"Kids are excited I think the opportunity to get dressed up and to maybe interact with some other students that they haven't for in a while I think that's a positive thing," said Richard Flaherty, the principal for Superior High School.

There will be no dancing unfortunately, but the grand march will be live streamed for those who want to tune in virtually. Flaherty said they are working with the county and health department to make sure these events can happen as safely as possible. 

Graduation on the other hand, will be June 5 outside at the Sparten Sports Complex. There will be limited seating and it will also be live streamed. Molly Lenmark, a senior at Superior High School, said she was happy to find out they were having a prom and graduation even if it won't be traditional.

"It was super exciting I am beyond thrilled to finally get to take my dress out of the closet and use it. It'll be different this year but we haven't gotten to do much with covid and I think this will be a really good event for our senior class," said Lenmark.

Lenmark is part of the prom committee at Superior High and said after dealing with so much uncertainty over the last year, they're looking forward to a final hoorah.

"I think that graduation and prom, having these events with our senior class will be a great way to say goodbye and just kind of go out on our different paths and it will be nice to close the book on a happy note," said Lenmark.

Proctor and Hermantown are following a similar plan. Proctor is leaving out the dancing part of the night too but will have students dress up for prom, do the grand march and take pictures. The grand march will also be live streamed and after, students go off and do their own dinner and plans for the rest of the night. Graduation will be on June 6 at the DECC. It will be streamed live and social distancing measures will be applied.

Hermantown is hosting their graduation at Amsoil Arena on June 6 and the day before will be prom.

"It's not what the traditional prom is or it's not the traditional graduation but we're trying to get as close as we can but it's still going to be a variation of it," said Wayne Whitwam, the superintendent of Hermantown.

Whitwam said depending on the weather, prom will either be at the tennis courts and parking lot if they decide to do it outside or in the gym if they decide to do it inside.

Virginia High School said they will also be in-person for graduation with a live-streamed event on June 3 as well.

These plans could be subject to change depending on how COVID-19 cases look in the Northland and if governors make any changes to the guidelines. Overall though, students say they are excited to close their high school year this way after what has been an unprecedented and ever changing school year for them.

"The school is still making the time to make sure we have these memories and something to hold on to besides sitting on a Zoom for school," said Josie Maahs, a senior at Proctor High School. "I am super grateful that they're even still trying to do this stuff for us while running a school and trying to keep everyone safe."

"It's super nice that they're going way out of their way to make sure we still have all these opportunities and that we have something to be proud about for our senior year," said Vivianne Helquist, a senior at Proctor High School.


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