Northland parents raise money to feed teachers

Some of many treats for teachers dropped off by parents. Some of many treats for teachers dropped off by parents. | 

Updated: March 29, 2020 08:28 PM

A group of parents working to provide educators with a little extra support in the midst of COVID-19 have started a small movement.


The group was formed by a Lester Park mom named Brandi Grandaw who posted on Facebook that she wanted to feed teachers during this time and asked if anyone wanted to help.

Soon, Grandaw's inbox and Venmo began to fill with generous donations from members of the community who wanted to help. Before she knew it, she had over $700.

Grandaw asked teachers how parents could best support them with this money and one teacher said by giving again.

“I suggested to her that since they were giving to us, it would be nice to give back to our Lester Park community so we chose places in our community where parents owned the business or they donated to our school before so that we in turn could give back to them,” Barbie Westerberg, Kindergarten teacher at Lester Elementary School said.

Parents at other schools ended up joining the group’s efforts and they hope to keep the giving going.

“It makes what we do worth it all the time. We work in a great community at Lester Park and communities like that are all around the city, but our parents appreciate us through fundraisers that we do, meals for conference nights and its just one more way they are showing their love and makes our job worthwhile,” Westerberg said.

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