Natural trails open in Duluth

Duluth Parks & Rec opens most natural trails in Duluth. Duluth Parks & Rec opens most natural trails in Duluth. |  Photo: WDIO

Updated: April 23, 2021 07:44 PM
Created: April 23, 2021 07:28 PM

It's time to hit the trails again in Duluth!

"We're a full two weeks ahead of schedule." Almost every natural trail in Duluth has been approved by Parks & Rec for foot and bike traffic again.

"We are ready to open the majority of trails across town. All of the Superior Hiking Trail is open, and the majority of our mountain bike trails are open too. There are some that are still a little wet, a little sensitive. And so we have those listed on our website, but I expect those will be open in just a matter of days."

Matt Andrews is the Trails Coordinator for Duluth Parks & Recreation. He said an important piece that allows them to open the trails this early in the season is the budding trees.

"We've had a little bit of rain, a little bit of wind to help us open up these trails," says Andrews. "But what's really important is these trees are starting to bud out, and soak up all that extra moisture in the ground."

Here's what's open as of April 23, 2021:

  • Superior Hiking Trail- ALL Lester Park (Except DT- Lester River Trail)
  • Morningside / Hawk Ridge DT
  • Hartley Park
  • Chester Park
  • Enger / Observation Hill / Antenna Farm DT Piedmont (Except DT- Lower Burner)
  • Brewer Park (Except DT- Lollygager)
  • Quarry Park
  • Keene DT
  • Kingsbury DT

Mission Creek is not yet ready for users.

Despite the trails being open, weather conditions can change quickly. The City says if things are muddy, find another route.

"If you're leaving a footprint or you're leaving a tire rut, it's best to find a different place to ride," suggests Andrews. "It's best to turn around and go somewhere else. Because we have such a vast city here, the west end of town could be completely dry and the east end of town got completely soaked. So it's good to check the website if you can. If you can't, use your best judgement, and don't leave an imprint on the trail."

And if you encounter a large puddle in the middle of the path, Andrews also suggests trail users pass right through the water. He says it prevents excess wear and tear around the puddle, and helps to keep the trail in tact.

Before heading out, it's best to check trail conditions on the City of Duluth's Parks & Recreation website.

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