MN App Works to Provide Couples with Memorable Date Ideas

Emily Ness
Updated: February 14, 2020 10:27 PM

There are many aspects that go into building a relationship, including going out into the world and experiencing it with your partner. This Valentine’s Day, an app called Let’s Go aims to provide Northland couples with memorable dates that keep their relationships alive.


“We think when it comes to building great relationships, it’s all about finding common interest between you and your partner and specifically, sharing great experiences,” Austin Bohlig, the CEO of Let’s Go said.

The prospect of creating great experiences for couples began in Bohlig’s hometown of St. Cloud Minnesota.

“We realized the world had enough apps to help people find dates and the world needed a better solution to build great relationships after they meet the right person,” Bohlig said.

Let’s Go features a variety of activities, food and drink specials and events. According to Bohlig, it is compatible with Apple and Android phones and free for users and businesses to be a part of. Although, there is a premium option for users that costs $3 a month or $18 for a year. This unlocks additional date options.

“Right now we’re working with probably 200 businesses across Minnesota with definitely more coming on,” Bohlig said.

According to Bohlig, 15 of the app’s featured businesses are located in Duluth. Some of them are Blacklist Brewing Company, the Caddy Shack, Duluth Cider, Edgewater Hotel and Hoops Brewing. 

“They reached out to us and we definitely agreed to partner,” Dave Hoops, owner of Hoops Brewing said. “It’s one of many different apps we work with that provide deals to people and why wouldn’t we do that? It’s a great thing.”

At Hoops Brewing, couples using the app get a buy one get one beer.

“Valentine’s day is a fun holiday,” Hoops said. “It’s a great ‘go out’ night so yeah, come on in, use the app.”

Another business featured on the app is Blacklist Brewing Company.

“Valentine’s Day is full of unique ideas for people. We’re all trying to figure out how we can wow our girlfriends and boyfriends I suppose so you know, the app really brings out kind of a new way of doing that,” Ray Mindestrom, Taproom Assistant said.

At Blacklist Brewing Company, couples get a 10% discount on ax throwing when they walk in.

“Make sure you stop in and check us out and show us the app when you stop in. That’s how you get your discounts,” Mindestrom said.

According to Bohlig, couples have had positive things to say about the app and usership has doubled since January from an average of 2000 monthly users to 5000. These numbers make up the roughly 20,000 users the app has seen since its launch in the Twin Cities in April of 2018 and expansion to Duluth in September of 2019.

“We’ve had some people tell us it’s changed their relationship,” Bohlig said. “For example even though my parents have had a great relationship, my mom recently emailed because they are avid users in St. Cloud, that they go out probably weekly now which is great.”

In addition to serving the Twin Cities and Duluth, Bohlig hopes to expand the app’s reach to more parts of Minnesota, beginning with Rochester. In the future, he would also like to look into expansion in neighboring states like Wisconsin.

"I wanted to create a product that I thought could improve people’s lives and so that was kind of one of the main drivers is not only did I think it was a good business opportunity, but for couples, helping them build their relationships, I think it’s a good type of motto to have," Bohlig said.

Currently, a promotion is going on in which couples could get their dates paid for if they join the app's influencer program and post a picture of themselves on their Let's Go Date to social media.


Emily Ness

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